We’re back!

Hi and welcome to our new website! What do you think? Well… we hope you like it, as the old one was looking a bit drab to say the least. So… what to expect from this new and exciting SEO blog? Good question, we’re glad you asked. We’re going to cover everything SEO. That’s right everything! We want to bring all our customers and prospective customers pure value right from the start. Make sure you check back regularly as we intend to keep the content coming. What’s more, we’re lining up some guest speakers for you all… so keep an eye out for that as we’re likely to get some juice up-to-date information.

So what’s new in SEO lately? Quite a lot actually… thanks Google! If it wasn’t for their continuous changes and updates… we;d be out of business. But thankfully, they’re like a kid with a rash… they just keep scratchin’ it — right? So first up–mobile friendly sites. As the internet goes more mobile and internet users increasingly use their mobile devices to access information… Google is anticipating the increase of such use by making a few subtle but important tweaks to its algorithm. Implemented earlier this year, sites that are mobile friendly will be marked as such in mobile SERPS. What’s more, mobile-friendly sites will, supposedly, rank better, than their non-mobile-friendly counterparts… which is something we’ll all need to consider going forward.

Private blog networks! Are they still relevant? What do you mean you don’t know what a PBN is…? Ok… before we answer the question, let’s give you all a crash course in PBNs. PBNs are essentially websites like any other… but they have one specific purpose–to help rank a money site. PBNs traditionally are expired domains that possess attributes that Google’s algorithm deems preferable. Using these PBNs, one may be able to manipulate the SERPS system in their favor, essentially promoting a given site ahead of its competition. If done correctly, this can be very lucrative. Back to my original question: yes–they are still relevant. Although changes in recent times has made them more difficult to manage and expensive to maintain. This is OK if you’re a paid professional… but it can be an expensive hobby if you’re not. Our advice is to use them if you can… but consider other means as well, as it is possible to rank a site without PBNs. It may take a little longer… but you may find that results last, while presenting you with minimal running costs.

Next up–social signals. Yes… social media has taken over the world. No one has conversations in person anymore… they all do it via Facebook! Well… not quite. Having said this, social signals are becoming increasingly relevant in search engine optimization. It’s no wonder really. Authenticity is almost a given for sites that have received social signals before links have been built to them. This is often an overlooked part of SEO… and something that will continue to grow in relevance.